What We Do
Random App, Inc. is now a leading edge provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) technology to companies and individuals seeking web-based business solutions, in what is popularity known as the cloud.

Random App, Inc was founded in 2007 by President/CEO Keith Wheeler with one purpose in mind, to develop a software tool that was 1) independent of the Operating System, 2) browser based, and 3) acts as a software application’s platform that can go on any computer or smart phone.

The web-based software applications, includes Sales/Marketing CRM, Electronic Newsletter, File and Content Management, Web Page Editing, Task/Project/Invoicing Management, Calendaring, Time Clock, Geo-location, and many more application and features are added every month.

Our web-based RAPIDe Marketing platform is able to intergrate a number of software applications into one virtual desktop that can be used corporate-wide by all or by company departments, or by workgroups, or individuals. Integrate your website with RAPIDe Marketing, setup responders to inquiries, communicate better with prospects and customers and much more.

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Message from our President
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting our web site. And to our customers, thank you for an incredible year in 2011. Our sales growth was 218% over 2010, we grew as you spread the word about RAPIDe Marketing.

Let’s admit the truth, more of us no longer work in a 9 to 5 traditional office! We no longer just come to work, we take the work wherever we go. The business attitude is “just get the work done.” Our RAPIDe Marketing platform is able to provide company’s and individuals with the means to do this, in a mobile shared working environment. It doesn’t matter where you work or when you go to work. The economic events of the past 5 years has demonstrated the need for this type of software technology. To that end, Random App, Inc has dedicated itself to developing, a true “Mobile Office Space.”

No longer do you need multiple expense software applications, which are a drain on your budget. RAPIDe Marketing provides you with the ability to integrate separate applications, into one shared workspace. All you have to do is setup accounts for your employees and they have access to the tools they need to do their jobs.

We have learned key tips on preparing your company successfully for the new non-traditional office.

1) Make sure you have multiple Communication channels setup. Your workers and customers are on the move. How are you going to communicate with your prospects, customers, staff and employees? By Phone, texting, chatting, sharing files, email campaigns? The solution, use RAPIDe Marketing!

2) Maintain Accountiability. It’s 7 a.m. and you receive a customer’s call; “Where’s your employee, he’s not here for the meeting? He was suppose to be at our office?” So how are you going to fix this. With RAPIDe Marketing you’re able to find your employee faster and correct the problem sooner.

3) Track ROI, (return on investment). Did that project really make your company a profit? How much time did your people spend on that project or sale? Know for a certainity if you are making a profit; with RAPIDe Marketing you can track your work and time spent on any sale.

We promise our customers an easy to use “Mobile Office Space;” an affordable price; and the very best customer care and support. At RANDOM App, Inc. we believe that the best value for our customers is to provide ultimate service quality, together with highly reliable software.

Call us today toll free at 877-530-8577 for a consultation.

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