MegaPath is one of the largest nationwide facilities-based providers of data, voice, and managed security services. Our reach is nationwide—with 4200 core central offices (COs) plus 25,000 in our extended area that provide service everywhere in the U.S. We privately manage our network, so we can guarantee reliability and security of all your business communication services. A key advantage of MegaPath lies in our large nationwide coverage and secure network. The MegaPath network has the potential of reaching 11 million businesses and 90 million households nationally.

The Value of a Secure Network
Core Security. MegaPath’s security offers comprehensive unified threat management (UTM) that includes Advanced Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-virus protection, and Web Filtering, Anti-spam, Web Application Control, and Data Loss prevention. All UTM services can be fully implemented in the cloud, at the customer’s premises, or in a hybrid configuration to deliver unprecedented security.

We manage our network with tight monitoring and packet inspection. With deep packet inspection, we provide core security that enables advanced network management. And, our network is carrier class; it is fully redundant at the customer’s site and at the core to guarantee network uptime and provide advanced monitoring for latency, jitter, delays, and packet loss. We even offer our Enterprise customers performance monitoring, so that they can check on their circuits 24 / 7 /365.

Private Networking. MegaPath delivers tailored services that address the private networking needs of multiple offices, as well as the remote access needs of your widely distributed workforce. We combine our VPN and security technologies with unmatched design, deployment, monitoring, management, reporting, and support capabilities. MegaPath’s networking services include MPLS Networking, Managed SSL VPN,
Retail Access SSL, and Business Continuity SSL.

Compliance. MegaPath’s Compliance services are designed to solve the tough issues of log, vulnerability, and security information management. Our compliance services can help companies meet numerous regulatory requirements—including PCI DSS, FFIEC/NCUA, HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, and SOX.
Nationwide MPLS Network. With one of the largest nationwide facilities-based networks, MegaPath provides secure services everywhere you work. With MegaPath, you don’t have to manage several regional providers, and you can remain confident that your information is protected 24 / 7 / 365.

Network Coverage
MegaPath is one of the nation’s largest facilities-based, managed services providing voice, data, and security services to Enterprise and SMB customers in all 50 states.

Our MPLS network (Multi-protocol Label Switching) is an Internet-based mechanism that—with the help of labels—directs and carries data from one network node to the next. It tags and prioritizes video, voice, and Internet traffic moving over the system and assigns the traffic to the correct Class of Service (CoS). This prioritization ensures Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications and videos have optimal sound and playback quality. With MPLS, IT managers can control their bandwidth costs by prioritizing data applications. To improve packet exchange, MPLS integrates Layer 2 information about network links (bandwidth, latency, usage) into Layer 3 (IP) within a particular system or ISP.

Network Advantages

--Speed. Because routers only need to inspect a short label instead of the traditional “longest-match forwarding” used at the network layer they can    forward packets faster.

--Disaster Recovery. Gives network operators a great deal of flexibility to divert and route traffic around link failures, congestion, and bottlenecks.

--Connectionless Services and VPNs. Because MPLS offers a connectionless VPN, you do not need the tunnels and encryption for network privacy,    eliminating significant complexity.

--Any-to-Any Connectivity. MPLS-IP VPN creates a private meshed network of your locations and unlike the Internet is as secure as frame relay or    ATM.

--Smooth Layer 2-to-Layer 3 Transition. Support for Layer 2 protocols also enables you to smoothly transition from a traditional Layer 2 network such    as frame relay and ATM to an MPLS-based IP VPN without making expensive and disruptive changes in their equipment or addressing.

--Flexible Addressing Support. An MPLS-based IP VPN supports any type of customer IP addressing providing enterprises with maximum flexibility.

--Network Address Translation (NAT) is not required. Because every private address is translated to a public address, NAT typically is a significant    inconvenience for large networks.

--Quality of Service (QoS). Eight levels of ‘industry-best’ QoS manage data streams based on priority and service plan.

--Improved performance. Minimizes packet loss, jitter, and latency—making it an ideal solution for streaming media, video, and IP voice. MegaPath    Nationwide Footprint. With a core area of 4,200 Central Offices (COs) and an extended reach of an additional 25,000 COs, MegaPath provides    broadband access to businesses through the United States, with service in all 50 states.

MegaPath Nationwide Footprint
With a core area of 4,200 Central Offices (COs) and an extended reach of an additional 25,000 COs, MegaPath provides broadband access to businesses through the United States, with service in all 50 states.

DSL and T1 Coverage

With MegaPath’s Full T1 and Bonded T1 services, you can easily and cost effectively increase bandwidth as your business expands. MegaPath T1 services offer speeds up to 6.0 Mbps, guaranteed 100% throughput, and 99.99% uptime SLAs. MegaPath’s T1 services provide reliable bandwidth that scales along with your business.


MegaPath is completing its Business Ethernet and central office (CO) expansion, which will lead to more product offerings, greater reliability, and enhanced performance.

By 2012, MegaPath will have the largest Ethernet over Copper footprint in the country. Our expanded
footprint will provide customers with even greater broadband access throughout United States.
Ethernet Services:

--Ethernet over DS1. Ethernet access service with no distance limitations for Layer 2 or IP services; business-class SLAs
--Ethernet over Copper (EoC). Cost-effective asymmetrical and symmetrical Ethernet access service for IP services; business–class DSL SLAs
--Ethernet over DS3. High bandwidth, high-performance Ethernet access service with no distance limitation for Layer 2 or IP services; business-class    DS3 SLAs

MegaPath boasts of a nation-wide, three-layered network that was custom built to address its customers’ increasingly demanding connectivity and virtual solution needs. Scalability, reliability, and availability are the pillars of excellence on which Mega Path’s network is designed and built.

Physical Layer. MegaPath built an all-optical (dark lit fiber) redundant backbone that connects our key markets in multiple physical paths for redundancy and scalability.

Data Layer. MegaPath built an Ethernet-enabled core that connects the 50 major markets that constitute MegaPath’s on-net footprint. Using this feature-rich Ethernet transport mechanism, MegaPath offers homogenous Ethernet solutions between end-user sites while providing redundant and traffic-engineered switched paths for customer traffic.

IP Layer. MegaPath engineered an MPLS-based high-performance telecommunication network that with the help of labels directs and carries data from one network node to the next. Using this capability, MegaPath can offer Class of Service (CoS) capability to address our customers’ real-time and critical applications’ traffic needs. The MPLS core also enables MegaPath to ensure maximum availability while reducing the number of hops, traversal times, and amount of congestion in our network. Supporting our MPLS network is a nationwide IP backbone with redundancy and enough capacity to handle all customer bandwidth demands.

Network Systems
The MegaPath Network and Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC), Customer Support team, and Service Delivery team use carrier-class Network Management Systems (NMS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) to enhance their capabilities and ensure that customers receive the service they deserve. We tailored these systems to support our multi-service MPLS network and diverse service offerings. The result is a seamlessly integrated systems infrastructure designed to support all of our access providers and last-mile access technologies, VPN and security options (SSL, MPLS-managed Firewall, and IPSec), and network applications (VoIP and Hotspot). They also provide our customers with complete visibility through the Mega Path Customer Portal.

Network Management Systems
MegaPath NOC/SOC technicians employ a complete set of NMS and security applications from reputable firms such as Cisco®, Juniper Networks®, Oracle®, bmc Remedy®, InfoVista®, HP/Opsware®, Vital Systems®, Nimsoft Inc.®, and IBM Micromuse® to monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot network elements.

In order to prevent outages, MegaPath engineers use these tools to continually groom the network and establish automated procedures that reroute traffic and activate failover systems. In the event of a network issue, our NOC/SOC technicians use these tools to quickly diagnose and resolve the problem, minimizing the impact on your business’ traffic flow and productivity.

Operations Support Systems
To yield a robust and versatile platform that supports our wide selection of products and solutions, MegaPath relies on operations support systems comprised of leading off-the-shelf applications and internally developed systems that use database software and development tools from Oracle and
Microsoft®. From sales quoting and order entry to support and billing, these systems enable our sales and operations groups to provide flexible, efficient, accurate, and personalized service without the cost, limitations, and potential errors often experienced using other service providers or the
do-it-yourself method.

Performance Monitoring
The MegaPath Customer Portal provides Enterprise customers with complete visibility into their networks, order status, and account administration. Customers are also able to monitor jitter, packet loss, MOS score, and review circuit monitoring performance results.


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