March 20, 2014
New Relationship with the GSA
RANDOM App, Inc. announces a new relationship with the GSA, Government Services Administration. RANDOM App, Inc. can now sell to Government Agencies and Departments!
April 1, 2012
New Random App, Inc. Website Launches
Today Random App, Inc. launched its first major website overhaul in almost 5 years. The site domain will remain but little else will stay the same. The new site will be much more user driven incorporating powerful solutions, new portfolio layouts, new customer drive content and much more. The overall design is a big departure from the existing RA site. However it is a much more intuitive design utilizing much more text and information throughout. Enjoy browsing this new web space and put our solutions to work for your business today!
November 29, 2011
New Server Migration
Random App, Inc. announces a successful move to a new server array, which is 24x times greater than their old server array…..

October 26, 2011
New List Cleaning Services
To better support present email marketing standards, and our customers, Random App, Inc. is proud to announce it’s one of a kind List Cleaning services. Before an email marketing campaign our customers now have the ability to cleanse their list of dead domains and bad emails….
September 29, 2011
New "forms" Editing System
Random App, Inc. announces a new forms editing system in their RAPIDe Marketing tool suite. It gives the ability to create a form page for the CRM, web page, or in an…
August 5, 2011
Group Tool Module a Success!
New Group tool module is incredible, it allows oversized groups to be split, and allows contacts to be dragged and dropped into a….
August 1, 2011
Pie Reporting Module Integration
Next generation Pie Reporting module is easier to setup and use than a Sales Funnel report….
July 1, 2011
New and Improved!
Random App, Inc. announces new and improved web “Site Updater” module….
June 17, 2011
Random App, Inc. offers Geo-location tools in RAPIDe Marketing, to map out the route to you clients and prospects….
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