Electronic Newsletters
Have you been looking for a solution that will build your business the way you've always dreamed about? You can stop looking!

With our Rapide Newsletter system you can Customize, Integrate With Your Calendar, Use Your Terminology, Track Your Tasks By Customers & Projects, Run Comprehensive Reports, Clean Your Exsisting Lists, and much much more! We work with companies who are confident in our products and use them daily!

If you would like to see our product presentation video, click here! If you would like to attend one of our weekly webinars and try our products, call us today at (877) 530-8577.

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CRM Software
RAPIDe Marketing is a browser based marketing system and contact management system all-in-one. Manage your contacts using the CRM tool, Mail E-mail newsletters with the eNewsletter tool, Gather information from your contacts using the Surveys and Polls tools, Track tasks and appointments with the Calendar, Share documents, images, videos and more with the My Files and Our Files, No installation neccessary, access RAPIDe Marketing from any computer with an internet connection.

This powerful tool will change the way you do business and gather clients! You will be amazed at the difference it will make in your success! Click here to try or call (877) 530-8577.

Customer Relations Management Sample
Custom Websites
We understand that every brand or company is unique. With that in mind, we always create custom-designed websites that highlight the unique qualities of our clients, to ensure they maintain a strong position amidst competitors. With every project, we start from scratch to make sure your website design effectively displays your brand’s personality, and we always ensure your website’s design is stronger and smarter than your competitors. The unique point making our web design company stand out from hundreds of others is that 100 % client satisfaction has been the highest priority we always stick to. Even more, we would be happy to become more than just a web design company and a service provider always available to take care of your personal and business needs, but your navigator and guide, helping you out in the dynamically changing and growing world of web development and web site design. If you deal with our web design company, you get 100% guarantee that your business will be a success.

Another essential characteristic of our web design company is constant progress and willingness to learn. No matter if we do a simple logo design or a complex e-commerce web site, you will be provided with the most up-to-date technologies and solutions. Click here to get a quote or call (877) 530-8577.

Custom Website Design Samples
Frontier Home Mortgage
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Camelot Properties
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Watson Coatings
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CFED West Conference & Expo
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Graphic Design
Are you looking for a unique image to represent your business? Or do you just need to revamp your current logo? Your logo plays an important role in establishing your company's brand and adds visual appeal to your marketing materials.

Nowadays, it's critical to have a logo which lends itself well to both print and web formats. But those are just two of many formats to consider. Think of all the places your logo appears: Signage? Brochures? Shopping Bags? Newspaper advertisements? Stationery? Uniforms Coffee mugs? Vehicles? Billboards? Price tags? Before you decide on a logo design, ask yourself in what formats your logo will appear. Recognizing these variables early in the design process will help ensure that your logo always looks clean and readable. Click here to get a quote or call (877) 530-8577.

Graphic Design Samples
Print Media Design
Random App, Inc. can help create a coherent, cohesive corporate identity for your business through brochures, stationery, direct mail, and other print collateral. Whether you're a new business starting from scratch or an established business in need of a graphic identity "realignment", Random App, Inc. can help your brand get the attention and recognition it deserves. Marketing Literature Projecting a professional image through advertising and marketing is an important part of business development.

Years of experience working in corporate marketing departments has given us an understanding of the psychology of sales. As a design firm we apply proven marketing techniques to the brochures, magazine and newspaper advertisements, posters, and postcards we develop. Whether your budget permits glossy, full-color brochures or just black and white photocopied fliers, we can help your business grow by designing visually appealing, eye-catching marketing and advertising materials. Click here to get a quote or call (877) 530-8577.

Print Media Design Samples

iPhone Application Design
Whatever you dream up, we can design and build for you! We offer custom app development for iPhone and iPad devices.
We can also provide your company with beta testing services and consulting. We have a multitude of options for you!

Here at Random App, Inc., we want our clients to be confident in their finished product! We strive each day to excel above the competition and to use every avenue we can in order to design at a level that outlasts other companies. In this economy, companies are struggling to stay above water. Let us design and develop something that will increase your sales, provide marketing, and give your company that professional image that it needs in order to excel! Click here to get a quote or call (877) 530-8577.
iPhone Application Sample

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