Just wanted to write to you and share my excitement!

I have made the most amazing modifications to your (CRM) marketing tool and I am so excited about how powerful this will impact the growth of my Life Coaching business. So far, the Rapid E newsletter program has exceeded all of my expectations. The CRM is fabulous, the newsletter is really as easy as promised, the reporting of the newsletter is invaluable, the ease of modifications to the tool are amazing (I am a technological self proclaimed idiot) and moreover, you and your staff have been pure pleasure.

My first point of contact was David H. Everything I asked him for the program to do, he claimed was possible. I just assumed he was a “Yes” man. My experience with the Rapid E has given me a new insight to David. He simply knows the product and its capabilities and “Yes, Lisa it CAN do that”.

Your training is top drawer; Chris W. has gone above and beyond to make sure that we have had a seamless transition and that I obtain the skills to build on the programs strengths. I even called the “panic line” late one weekend evening and who talked me off the ledge, the president of the company himself - Keith Wheeler!

Thank you for being...exceptional
Lisa Schuler, Let Go Inc.
Architecture for the Blueprint of your Life
I needed to update and relocate my website, as well as set up a contact management system (CRM) that also allowed me to send monthly email blasts. I have been more than satisfied on both accounts.

This team is creative and responsive. We had several issues, not of their making, that they quickly recognized and fixed. They recognize that there must be a constant give and take between them and the client. This team is also professional and forward thinking. They are not afraid to offer their expertise and provide direction when the client loses sight of their original direction and keep communication at the simplest level possible, even in the world of cyberspace. For a technophobe such as myself, I was extremely comfortable from the first sales conversation to what is now a work in progress.

It is not unusual to make a call to the group and talk to senior management rather than a staffer and there are no gatekeepers to deal with, regardless how mundane the need or what time of the day you may call. That availability extends to weekends as well. Special needs are also expected, anticipated and fulfilled.

I would highly recommend this group to anyone working on their website, contact management and the myriad of other issues they handle. It is worth the call!

Rissy Bruening, President, The Winning MATRIX Group
RAPIDe Marketing® has been an excellent company to deal with. I am a big fan of their CRM/newsletter feature and the unique “tabbed” content pages that none of the competition offers. Bundle that with low pricing and you’ve got a solid product and one happy customer! Chris W., in the support department, has been an exceptional help and is great to deal with in learning the program. Keep up the great work!”

Matt Gibbs, J & E’s Office City
Phone: 314-644-3213 ~ Fax: 314-644-5793
Quality products, competitive pricing and service since 1976!
I am an Independent Insurance agent and have been working with Rapid Email Marketing for three months now and it has been a great experience. I have tried three other e-mail marketing companies before this and none of them could help me accomplish what I needed.

I finally found a company that wants to think outside the box who works directly with me to help me meet my goals. Since working with RAPIDe Marketing® CRM and eNewsletters tools, I have picked up five new clients generating $2,342.00 in new commissions. As an Insurance agent this has been the most cost effective way to grow my business. I look forward to working with them in 2012 and can’t wait to see the results for next year.

Thank you so much to Chris Warren for fielding all my calls and being there for me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it with her and the team that supports her.

Ty Evans, TK Insurance and Financial Services
Orlando, FL 321-299-1560
Visit my web site www.tk-insurance.com for a free quote on any other insurance needs you may have.
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